the unofficial Waldorf WAVE Guestbook

Because the the huge amount of spammers that abused this guestbook, it is now closed.

Till "Qwave" Kopper

Datum:  2 September 2006
E-Mail:   quijote () eunet.yu
Name:   Balint Tihamer
Text:   im looking for a Wave too in EU , im from Serbia but sending the synth to Hungary ;-)
i search for MW 1 with os 2.0 too ;-)

Datum:  1 July 2006
E-Mail:   forbiddenzone57 ()
Name:   francq
Text:   Hi Till
thank you for your web site
great work !!! we want more....and more

...and for those who are interested i'm going to sell one of my waves in very good mint , blue standart...just contact me

Datum:  28 April 2006
E-Mail:   mmerli ()
Name:   Michael
Text:   Hi Till
Thank you very much for this great site!!!
keep on wave ;-)
best regards

Datum:  16 April 2006
E-Mail:   tony ()
Name:   Mary
Text:   Hi, nice site!

Datum:  15 April 2006
E-Mail:   photo ()
Name:   Ahmed
Text:   Hello friends! Really nice place here. I found a lot of interesting stuff all around.

Datum:  2 March 2006
E-Mail:   allenheathdj ()
Name:   Michael Vartanian
Text:   i am looking for the waldorf Q wood sides in yellow I live in the USA

my email is

Datum:  11 February 2006
E-Mail:   spekkreman ()
Name:   DL
Offer : 3800 euros
many thx
Qwave: Good luck D.L. ! I think you won't get any offer at this low price.

Datum:  9 February 2006
E-Mail:   mark ()
Name:   mark Trance
Text:   I am a Waldorf Q and Micro Q owner/ operator

Datum:  7 February 2006
E-Mail:   joaldar ()
Name:   Jo
Text:   Hi
I am selling my Waldorf Wave - classic blue version. It's in good condition. Serial Number: 9404000025.
Email me if you're interested!

Datum:  17 January 2006
E-Mail:   mediamuse ()
Name:   Doug Maxwell
Text:   I want to purchase a Waldorf Wave and am located in New York City. Please contact me if you know of any available

Datum:  17 January 2006
E-Mail:   colorbars ()
Name:   J.K.
Text:   Hi there! great site you have! I just sold my Q in mint condition with the 32 voice expansion. I loved it!

I really want to purchase a Wave. Any version with none or any expansion. Doesn't matter. I am in the U.S.

Also, I would love to get a Microwave XTk if I cannot get a Wave.

Feel free to contact me. :-)

Cheers, Jim K.

Datum:  11 January 2006
E-Mail:   franzmusin ()
Name:   franzetti

Remark: ... and a new PC keyboard without a broken SHIFT key ;-) (Till "Qwave" Kopper)

Datum:  29 December 2005
E-Mail:   pete ()
Name:   Pete Namlook
Text:   9505000125 says: Thank you for this great site !! ;-)

Datum:  22 November 2005
E-Mail:   corrado.canale ()
Name:   Corrado Canale
Text:   i search a WAVE...!

Datum:  21 October 2005
E-Mail:   till.kopper ()
Name:   webmaster
Text:   The guestbook data will from now on only be put into the guestbook after I checked it.
I got about one spammer writting in here per day.

Datum:  5 September 2005
E-Mail:   lyndie202020 ()
Name:   lyndsy
Text:   love the web site....eric

Datum:  26 August 2005
E-Mail:   dausenkunz68 ()
Name:   mnc
Text:   Hi
I am interested in getting a Wave (standard colour 61 keys, no expansion). I am happy to pay 3500 Euro + postage.

If you are willing to sell one, please feel free to contact me -
dausenkunz68 ()


Datum:  24 August 2005
E-Mail:   iomfr ()
Name:   iom
Text:   hi

i search to buy a waldorf q+, anyone sell it ?


Datum:  15 August 2005
E-Mail:   none ()
Name:   none
Text:   amazing synth

Datum:  28 July 2005
E-Mail:   nemesys ()
Name:   tomer
Text:   please please , Looking for wadorf Q+ !!!!!

if anyone sells at any price , please let me know !

thx !

Remark by the webmaster: (well, eBay or other places are way better to find a Q+ then these pages)

Datum:  7 June 2005
E-Mail:   artech454 ()
Name:   Dave
Text:   Hi,

Anyone know where I can get my hands on a 30 voice upgrade for my Microwave XT?

Been looking everywhere, they're like rocking horse s**t.


Remark by the webmaster: (I never ever saw a used expension board on sale. And there are different XT main boards with different ways to connect the expension. Good luck!)

Datum:  14 May 2005
Name:   Samuel
Text:   Waldorf rules!

Remark by the webmaster: (this is kind of spam. It is refering to the Waldorf school)

Datum:  8 May 2005
E-Mail:   Rum3r ()
Name:   Tracy Nelson
Text:   I got 1 4 sale

Datum:  2 May 2005
E-Mail:   smltcurrie ()
Name:   stuart currie
Text:   Qwave,
Thanks for the info. Have you still got 2 or them?

Qwave: yes.
BTW: this is not a forum, but a guest book.

Datum:  2 May 2005
E-Mail:   smltcurrie ()
Name:   Stuart Currie
Text:   How much should one pay for a WAVE these days? Any hints on where to find one?

Qwave: a normal WAVE (16 voices, 61 keys, no custom colour) is about 3,500 Euro in Europe. And about 4,000 to 4,500 US$ in the USA.

Datum:  2 May 2005
E-Mail:   macrowaves ()
Name:   Alberto
Text:   Looking for a Micro Q Rack.
I can trade with my Roland JD800 mint conditions like new -perfect-.

Los Angeles area or abroad

Qwave: this is a Waldorf WAVE and not a Waldorf microQ dedicated guest book.

Datum:  21 April 2005
E-Mail:   sugerfunk at
Name:   Adam
Text:   Please, please, please!
I'm looking for a Waldorf Q or a Waldorf Q+ keyboard.

If anyone is selling, please contact me!


Qwave: this is a Waldorf WAVE and not a Waldorf microQ dedicated domain.

Datum:  11 April 2005
E-Mail:   brutemusic ()
Name:   Mark Smith
Text:   Hi, I need to get my Microwave XT repaired, I think its actually a power supply issue, but I`m not possitive. I`m in Southern California (USA) area. Any guidance would be very helpful. Thanks, Mark

Qwave: check the Waldorf User FAQs at

Datum:  21 February 2005
E-Mail:   webguy101 ()
Name:   Steven Gardner
Text:   For Sale on ebay:

Waldorf Microwave XTK synthesizer.


Qwave: the link is not working anymore, therefor deleted.

Datum:  30 December 2004
E-Mail:   res ()
Name:   rEs
Text:   Looking for a Wave in Ontario, Canada. thanks

Datum:  12 December 2004
E-Mail:   megatheodor ()
Name:   Theodor
Text:   Hi,
I'm interesting for a Waldorf Wave in good condition.
I can give cash money for this, between 2000-2500 euros.
Thank you.



Remark: I think this is offer is to low for a WAVE (Till "Qwave" Kopper)

Datum:  21 November 2004
E-Mail:   akunen ()
Name:   Mike
Text:   Hello,

Love your site..I have always been curious about the Wave. I play a Q, myself, and I love it to death. Some stuff at

Good stuff you play, on your Wave..


Datum:  4 November 2004
E-Mail:   superbigio ()
Name:   Luigi Castelli
Text:   Hi,

I am looking for a Waldorf Wave for sale.
If the condition is mint I'll make a very generous offer.


- Luigi

Datum:  1 November 2004
E-Mail:   diego[at sign here]
Name:   Diego Massanti
Text:   Visiting your site is a pleasure for a musician who likes to learn. Thanks for it!

Datum:  12 September 2004
E-Mail:   taglionisamuel ()
Name:   Samuel
Text:   I bought an ACCESS programmer for my Microwave, not knowing that the operating system was unfit for its use, so here is my problem, where can i get an upper OS version to make the ACCESS programmer work with my Microwave! Thanks for all, it's the most impressive synth i've ever bought.

Qwave: ask them:
Stadler Electro GbR
Neustrasse 12
D-53498 Waldorf
Phone: +49-2636-808944
Phaks: +49-2636-808946
email: frank.schneider ()

or search at eBay for some illegal :-( OS EPROM copies

Datum:  1 September 2004
E-Mail:   synthesis ()
Name:   Michael B
Text:   Looking for a Wave to purchase, preferably in Europe, but if it's for sale, anywhere will do.

Datum:  20 August 2004
E-Mail:   Vstizer ()
Name:   Warp all stars
Text:   I search a Waldorf Q !
I search a Waldorf Q !!
I search a Waldorf Q !!!

Mail me if u sell one

Qwave: this is a Waldorf WAVE and not a Waldorf Q dedicated domain.

Datum:  6 August 2004
E-Mail:   maga ()
Name:   mallam mugu

Datum:  4 August 2004
E-Mail:   leimseiderj ()
Name:   John Leimseider (J.L.)
Text:   I was the warranty station for the US and Canada. I was trained at the factory and now work at the Cantos Music Foundation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as the electronics technician. We have a service center to do outside work, plus I repair and restore our collection. Our website is

Datum:  22 July 2004
Name:   Ralf
Text:   Wenn Du mal hier an den See kommst !

(gerne eineladen auf ne Grillparty !!!)

Hier ist's ja gard voll wunderbar !

( und Deine 3 Kisten musste auch noch abholen!!! :-) )

Datum:  22 July 2004
E-Mail:   contact ()
Name:   Ralf
Text:   Hallo Till,

vielen Dank fuer Die Info,

Hat uns echt weitergeholfen...

Alles gute


Datum:  5 June 2004
E-Mail:   acid80 ()
Name:   Gianfranco
Text:   I'am interested to buy these synths (only in Europe) :

1) WALDORF Q keyboard yello (with new knobs)
2) WALDORF Q keyboard blue (with blue display)

Please email me..Good prices thanks

Qwave: this is a Waldorf WAVE and not a Waldorf Q dedicated domain.

Datum:  2 June 2004
E-Mail: ()
Name:   gerhard daum
Text:   I,m selling Wave 16 voices , integrated Sequencer, wooden side frame. Great condition always in the Studio. $ 2900

Datum:  17 May 2004
E-Mail:   harmonics ()
Name:   dillon
Text:   ... just bought a yellow Q and I'm running os 2.01. There are no updates availible on the web. Can someone here help me out with the latest OS?


Qwave: check the Waldorf User FAQs at

Datum:  28 April 2004
E-Mail:   l.dammann ()
Name:   Bert Dammann
Text:   hi, i'm the owner of a MW1 (a couple of yeara now)
i have started again with making music and now i tryed to go on
also with the mw1. my interface is v1.20 and i read there is another version 2.0 ? is this a rom or a sofwaredownloadable item ? i like to no if there are any soundcards available and
further the update of the operating system.
I am a dutchmen. Well for so far, see you ?
kindley regards, Bert Dammann

Datum:  14 April 2004
E-Mail:   egomgbada ()
Name:   mgbada ochoego
Text:   passed here, so nice to always keep in touch

Datum:  22 February 2004
E-Mail:   reasonmaestro ()
Name:   Justin Alan
Text:   Hello,

I just bought a Q+ & would like to know if I can buy extra sound cards like the ones made for the Q in my updated Q+? Which is the best site to update the OS from? Please email me if you would like to share ideas and tips on this great synth.


Datum:  20 February 2004
E-Mail:   4711milhalm ()
Name:   Tom
Text:   Looking for Waldorf XTk 30 Voice or the big one, Waldorf Wave
Make offer, Europe prefered
Remove 4711 from email!!!!

Datum:  16 February 2004
E-Mail:   raphus ()
Name:   Robert Haines
Text:   I LOVE the Waldorf sound, and I'm worried that they just went under. I recently bought both a Q (blue, 16-voice) and a shadow XT, and I'm hoping to still be able to download programs and OS updates. Thanks for the great site--maybe someday I'll get a shadow 76-key wave!

Datum:  14 February 2004
E-Mail:   psi ()
Name:   marc davidson
Text:   I am sorry to hear that Waldorf have ceased to exist. Their products will stand the testament of time and become classics in their own right. Waldorf forever !

Datum:  25 January 2004
E-Mail:   acid80 ()
Name:   Gianfranco
Text:   Thanks Till for this Web Site...I love the Waldorf like my life.
I think that the Top of the Synths are:Waldorf Q+,Wave,Andromeda A6 and the
Minimoog Voyager.Waldorf User forever !
Ciao from Italy

Datum:  18 January 2004
E-Mail:   Omar ()
Name:   Omar Salah
Text:   Unused Waldorf Micro-Wave for Sale. Please email your best offer - thanks.

Datum:  11 January 2004
E-Mail:   panic-attack ()
Name:   dominic
Text:   Dear all !

Wanted Waldorf Wave in excellent condition
Will pay 2500 usd + shipp cost
make me an proposition
Urgently !!!

( i can change with my 2 waldorf Q in excellent condition,yellow and black with wood )

Datum:  14 December 2003
E-Mail: ()
Name:   Jerome Dubisson
Text:   Hello,
I am looling for a Wave for sale (16 or 32 voices) , good condition and decent price.
Very serious inquiry.
This site is amazing... Thanks Till :)))

Datum:  3 December 2003
E-Mail:   tom ()
Name:   Tom Moravansky
Text:   Thanks for a great site for Wave resources.
(Wave #94510000299)

Datum:  22 November 2003
E-Mail:   Waldorf _tripper ()
Name:   spyros
Text:   If Only.....

Datum:  4 November 2003
E-Mail:   info ()
Name:   info ()
Text:   Wave for sale (serial no. 000002) - Unique item! Pics on

Datum:  22 October 2003
E-Mail:   jim ()
Name:   Jim Gordon
Text:   Great pictures!

Datum:  31 August 2003
E-Mail:   webmaster ()
Name:   Graham Moore
Text:   Thanks for a great Wave resource!

Datum:  15 August 2003
E-Mail:   hellmusic ()
Name:   intercorni
Text:   Würde meinen Roland Jupiter8 gegen einen Waldorf Wave tauschen!

Datum:  12 June 2003
Name:   mike
Text:   great site Till
Im looking into getting a Microwave XT soon...
You guys make great synths

Datum:  9 May 2003
Name:   jimmy b
Text:   This site is a great homage to a wonderful instrument.

[deleted link to a comercial page]

Datum:  1 April 2003
E-Mail:   scd ()
Name:   Boele Gerkes
Text:   It *is* a great site Till! And thanks again for that spare wave having it's holidays in the Netherlands :-) [Remark by Till: THANKS for recording so fine synthmusic using it]

Datum:  11 March 2003
E-Mail:   s.nap ()
Name:   SNAP!
Text:   Hi Till,
thank you for serving this site.

Datum:  21 January 2003
E-Mail:   jessyjester ()
Name:   Marcel
Text:   Hi Till, hi an alle Waveuser und auch die welche gerne würden...
Sehr gute Site, habe ich per Zufall entdeckt und lange Zeit als Leser mitverfolgt.
Ich heisse Marcel und komme aus der Schweiz, bin jetzt schon seit Mitte 95 Waveuser und bin eigentlich auch heute noch begeistert vom Wave. Aber wie sagt man so schön,
"times are changing and here comes the chance" an alle welche gerne würden......
To everybody who wants so much......

Ich habe einen Wave, shadow coloured, 16 Voices, 76 Keys mit Case und das alles in genialem Zustand, nur Homerecording-gebraucht.
Mein Wave hat die Nummer 9540 000 292 .
Aus verschiedenen Gründen, welche hier keinen Platz haben, verkaufe ich meinen Wave an den oder auch die, welche einen dem Wave würdigen Preis bezahlt.
Um es mit klaren Worten auszudrücken, kein dumping Preis...Sorry.
Verschleudern tu ich ihn nicht,dann behalte ich ihn lieber selber
Ich denke der Wave ist exclusiv und als solches ist auch der Preis anzusehen. Fast wie bei den Modularsynths.................

Also von jetzt an kann geboten werden unter der E-mail: jessyjester ()

Bin sehr gespannt was so reinkommt, und ich melde mich dann in einiger Zeit wieder. Bis dann und keep waving..........

Datum:  14 January 2003
E-Mail:   scalak386 ()
Name:   scalakus
Text:   i'll never has this equipment - it's too expensive ;(

Datum:  11 January 2003
E-Mail:   folterbank ()
Name:   Kevin
Text:   I want a WAVE.
It's hard to find... anybody got information where to find one?
I own a microwave1(v2.0) and a q-rack.

Datum:  21 December 2002
E-Mail:   ahti.valkeapää ()
Name:   Ahti
Text:   Thank you for this site! I am a proud Pulse owner, and I hope that my next synth is Q+. Is this the way to Wave? God knows.

Datum:  6 February 2002
E-Mail:   pacci6 ()
Text:   W WAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Datum:  6 February 2002
E-Mail:   v.coccimiglio ()
Text:   I must have WAVE soon ! Is wonderful!


Datum:  29 January 2002
E-Mail:   vgtbl91 ()
Name:   James
Text:   Awesome piece of technology. I just purchased a Q/32,...Had some issues with it but have since got it back without a glitch......looking forward to alot of memorable projects soon to be realized, or perhaps - surreal.... ! ! ;-)

Datum:  10 January 2002
E-Mail:   spdk ()
Name:   SpdK
Text:   Cool site, I hope I can buy a wave once. I just bought a Q so i have something to play with for the time being. See ya,

Patrick de Kruijf, Holland

Datum:  6 January 2002
E-Mail:   till.kopper ()
Name:   Till "qwave" Kopper
Text:   I just changed the guestbook. Its no longer ruled by my provider CGI.

keep on turning these knobs

Till Kopper

||   oo   oo o   o | ........ |.    ooo  oo wave||
|| ..oo   oooo   o | [______] |.  ..oooo. ooo.  ||
|| ..oo O oo o   o | |||||||| |.  ooooo. oooo.  ||
|| ...o  .oooo   . |__________|.  ..## . o. ..  ||
||    o  _____________________________________  ||
|| |||  | || ||| || ||| || ||| || ||| || ||| |  ||
|| ||| o| || ||| || ||| || ||| || ||| || ||| |  ||

Datum:   23.11.2001 um 11:40:18
E-Mail:   wally1007 ()
Name:   wally
Text:   Wonderfull song "see you" !compliments!!!

Are you going to put more song on the site? for peole like me who does not hown a Wave is a joy to listen to it!

How much it will cost a second hand basic Wave?

about 2 years ago i saw one advertising on the magazine "sound on Sound" and they was selling it for 2'000£ pounds.

Best regards


Datum:   15.11.2001 um 01:58:05
E-Mail:   knobs234 ()
Name:   alma
Text:   alma loves waldorf

Datum:   11.11.2001 um 01:47:49
E-Mail:   ian ()
Name:   Ian Hamilton
Text:   Looking for a Waldorf WAVE... if anyone is interested in selling one please contact me. Been visiting Till's WAVE site for a long time.. :)

Datum:   17.10.2001 um 20:09:49
E-Mail:   al ()
Name:   Al
Text:   Great Site. As a passionate owner of a Microwave xtk, I hope to own a Wave one day.

Datum:   20.09.2001 um 06:50:02
E-Mail:   rihilleman ()
Name:   Richard Hilleman
Text:   Till made me buy one! #127 and me will be having some fun now.

Datum:   23.08.2001 um 16:21:17
E-Mail:   him ()
Name:   Hermann Seib
Text:   Hi Till, great pages! Got no Wave yet, but once I'm rich... :-)


Datum:   02.08.2001 um 06:32:33
E-Mail:   morgan ()
Name:   Morgan Fisher
Text:   Congratulations on the new improved website. Till. And thanks so much for all the advice you have given this potential Wave owner - I look forward to joining this exclusive club soon! For me the Wave is pretty much the only keyboard that ranks, looks-wise, up there with some of the pro mixer and outboard gear. Why are most keyboards so boring looking?

Morgan Fisger

Datum:   24.07.2001 um 20:28:00
E-Mail:   p.gorges ()
Name:   Peter Gorges
Text:   Hi Till, thanks for this great meeting place for all Wave owners and admirers.

Datum:   12.07.2001 um 14:09:34
E-Mail:   ejohnw1 ()
Name:   Eric Wuerstl
Text:   I'm new here and am totally blown away with the support of the WAVE. This is the forst time a I have seen a WAVE and I can't tell ya how excited I am to own one soon.

Do you know of any other owners in the U.S. (West Coast)

thanks for your time


Datum:   10.07.2001 um 21:58:46
E-Mail:   axel ()
Name:   Axel Fischer
Text:   Hi Till,

tolles Redesign Deiner Seite!

Es gibt nichts Vergleichbares im Netz!

Viele Grüße


Datum:   07.07.2001 um 21:53:48
E-Mail:   Witchfinder ()
Name:   AdamT
Text:   A wave owning collegue of described the machine as such -

"The Wave is as stable as an overclocked AMD-K6 with a dodgy fan running a beta version of Windows-95 but when it works it`s the most wonderful synth on the planet"

I remember saying something simailar about my old MemoryMoog, I`d love a Black Wave but am doubtful that Waldorf will ever bug-fix the OS even by the time I can afford one so I`ll have to make do with my Microwave-1 for real Digi/analog wavetable sounds . You have created an Excellent site Till !!.

Datum:   21.06.2001 um 14:54:35
E-Mail:   johan.spang ()
Name:   Johan Spång
Text:   Hallo, Ich mag diese seite... Ich will auch ein Wave besitzen! :-) (forgive my bad german, I'm still learning)

Datum:   21.06.2001 um 01:53:19
E-Mail:   matt ()
Name:   Matt Bruno
Text:   I must express my appreciation for Till's continued efforts to offer such a resource as this. I only wish Waldorf would place such loving care and support behind the Wave! (please take no offense, Joerg)

Matt (Wave #68)

Datum:   21.06.2001 um 00:45:20
E-Mail:   propaganda ()
Name:   Robert McLachlan
Text:   This site is an excellent resource for a wonderful instrument. Well done Till.

It would be nice to have an English translation of the German newspaper article about the Wave. Is that the Waldorf assembly line pictured?

Datum:   20.06.2001 um 22:02:58
E-Mail:   hkwad ()
Name:   HansH
Text:   Hi Till,

Nice site, when I grow up I wanna wave....

My ROM waves FFT analysis is now at :

I changed the layout, I think it is a bit more useful now...


Datum:   20.06.2001 um 18:22:44
E-Mail:   jh ()
Name:   Joerg Huettner
Text:   Dear Till,

Nice to see your redesigned Wave pages here. Thank you for all your support on the Wave synth. And let's see how many entries this guest book will gonna get. I thought I start with this, not only as Waldorf product support but also as Wave User since 1996.

Best wishes,


Datum:   24.05.2001 um 17:45:02
E-Mail:   ich ()
Name:   Till "qwave" Kopper
Text:   Dear Visitors,

here it is: The unofficial Waldorf WAVE guestbook.

Feel free to use it !

And please remember: english preferred.