All here available audio demos are my own ones.

Basic overall sound

A string pad and a digital sounding sound. Both are factory sounds made by Wolfram Franke.
[292 kByte mp3 Download]


The famous FairlightTM CMITM "Ahh" after a resynthesis by WAVE.
[192 kByte mp3 Download]

The PPG waveterm A & B factory E-Bass Sample T-040 after a resynthesis by the WAVE
[92 kByte mp3 Download]

HMT (Hermode Tuning)

First a C major chord in the normal equal tempered tuning. Then in a pure C major/a minor tuning (intonation). Notice the much more "calmed" sound due to the perfect intonation. I used a sound with one oscillator and no modulation. Therefor you can hear the detuning of the tempered intonation.
HMT is now part of the Waldorf Q OS 3
[156 kByte mp3 Download]

self made WAVE music

Here is a Song called "See You" made with WAVE only. OK, the reverb, the midi sequencer and the mixing wasn't done by the WAVE :-)
I made this song May 1999.

[2.9 MByte mp3 Download]